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an opera freely after Handels Messiah

Welcome to the nativity play show anno 2021, where Virgin Mary – after a hot night on the town – has miraculously become pregnant. However, whether it is with a woman, man or a queer Holy Spirit remains unanswered. She has therefore invited the three wise people to a gathering to announce the happy news and to get personal clarification about which of the three previous romantic acquaintances may have made her pregnant.

Her hope is that after the meeting it will be clear whether the Holy Spirit came in the form of the love interests Caspar, Melchioria or Balthazar.

However, it turns out that establishing parentage is not so straightforward, as all three knights eagerly identify themselves as the rightful parent. It all ends in a rainbow explosion of nativity plays, classical music and new family constellations. For greatest of all is love, Hallelujah!

 A CHILD IS BORN is freely based on the oratorical music Handel's Messiah and draws on comedic genre meetings between pop culture and biblical storytelling, campy aesthetics and stage show. Thematically, the dramatic reinterpretation examines a gender neutralization of the stereotypical figures we know from the Bible. The idea behind the concept A CHILD IS BORN was born in a conversation about the great queer potential that lies embedded in the aesthetics and traditions of the nativity play. If you look at the well-known depiction of Jesus' manger in Bethlehem, you will see the wildest rainbow family with the miracle of love as a common focal point – the Virgin Mary, Joseph as chosen father who does not question the biology of divine miracles and a large and varied group of caregivers in the form of shepherds, angels, donkeys, cattle and wise men. This became the catalyst for the creation of A CHILD IS BORN.

Director and concept: Anna Sofie Keller

Conductor : Yngvild Ruud

Set and costume design: Pelle Staack

Choreographer : Liva Lopez

Production : Neugeboren Opera Group and Amager Klassisk, Nikolaj Kunsthal, World Pride festival

Foto: Andreas Grøndahl og Pelle Staack

This production was made possible with support from Augustinus Fonden, Statens Kunstfond Slots og Kulturstyrelsen, Wilhelm Demant, Nørrebro Lokaludvalg, World Pride,

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